Defined by Blood

Shame no longer defines me. I am not defined but what I once was, but by what I was bought with. I was purchased with not precious gems or gold, but by the blood that was shed on Calvary. I no longer stand before this world, but the living Spring of Jesus Christ does. No longer does the memories of sin hold bondage on my life, I am the made new. As Christians we seem to have the idea that since we are a “new creation” we are no longer going to fall into the same disgusting habits. We see Jesus as an “out” for the way we are living our lives. Seeing Jesus as the “fix it kind of guy.” Jesus is not doubt the healer and divine Counselor He is also simply put Love. Our Jesus does not only give you redemption through salvation, but offers an over flowing amount of love for us. Jesus is Love. He is the justification of why I am no longer the definition of my sin. We as follow of the One True Son are not defined as lier, glutton, theft, porn addict, hateful, judging, prideful. We are His. Purchased with Righteous blood. Today is the day I stand as a purchased and prized possession of the living God.

A moment to think

Prayer. Its what is plastered against every Christian Inspiration book. What is done in every Sunday service and in before Christmas meals. But do we really know Who indeed we are talking to?  If we were to really stop and think about Who were are indeed bringing  our voices to, I do believe we would pray with a much different tune. As a child of the Most High God I can lay my heart down, give it all to Him. Where I am no more, and He is all of me. This idea that we, as mere humans can come to the God of this Universe with ANYTHING is simply wonderful. As a Christian we desire to have this “better relationship with Jesus” how in the world are we ever going to get there unless we take to the Man? I must say I am as guilty as most, I will go days even weeks without muttering a word to the Maker of this world. But how come it is so easy to forget to speak to God, but never miss a Tweet. Can we speak to God in a 140 characters or less? Or is His worth more? My challenge is think about every moment we want to plaster the social networking world with our thoughts that we consider socializing with the great I AM.